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Hey DBDr's! I'm trying to get a searchable database going for DBD using OhNoRobot. With nearly 2000 scenes, I could really use readers' help in transcribing DBD toons. If each reader did one toon, y'all would have a way to search all of DBD for a topic, and action, whatever one of us says - of course, Jan remembers everything I've ever said - and it would increase the advertising revenue, as a lot of typed text is needed for a site to be read efficiently on the net by Google, advertisers, etc.

Here's a description of what OhNoRobot is and its function. Nothing like Zed's old Fortran!

Ready? Here's how it goes: click here. See 'help transcribe'? Click that, or this, and you'll see an archive of toons to transcribe. Click on one and after it loads, scroll down to the 'Transcribe This Comic! link. Click on that and instructions that tell you how to do it will load. That's it! This will give me way more time to irritate Jan.

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